Basic Tool Kit

$215.00 $195.00

This Basic kit has everything you need to take the current version of our Piano Tuning and Repair Course. Although you will not have all the tools we use in the course, this kit does have the basics. This kit is perfect for the beginner who wants to start out slow and add to his/her tool collection in the future.



  • Small soft case
  • Key Easing pliers
  • Capstan regulator
  • Tuning hammer
  • Philips head combo tool
  • Flathead combo tool
  • Drop screw regulator
  • Let off regulator (
  • (2) temperament strips
  • 2 rubber mutes with no handles
  • 1 rubber must with handle
  • Sandpaper file
  • 10 mm dip block
  • Millimeter Rule
  • Punching kit
  • Combo handle
  • A Tuning Fork
  • Let off, after touch gauge