Lesson 1: "The Craft"

Introduction to Course Piano Styles, Parts and History ABCs of Piano Design Actions (Upright, Spinet, Grand)

Lesson 2: "Piano Care & Introduction to Piano Tuning"

Removing Action of Upright Piano Removing Action of Grand Piano Removing Action of Spinet Piano Cleaning a Piano
Overview on Why Tuning is Needed Piano Tuning Terms

  • Sound/Noise
  • Beats
  • Unisons
  • Sections of Harp/Plate
Lesson 3: "Intervals, Unisons Tuning and Octave Tuning"

Tuning Comfortably
Unison Tuning
False Beats
Intervals/ Octaves/ Whole/Half Steps
Intervals Explained
Interval Tuning Exercise
Octave Tuning Exercise

Lesson 4: "Equal Temperament"

Tuning Octaves with Temperament Strip Partials Defined
Equal Temperament Overview
Equal Temperament Exercises Using 4ths and 5ths
Octaves 4ths and Fifths Test
Equal Temperament Exercise Using 3rds and 6ths

Lesson 5: "Tuning the Treble & the Bass"

Stretching the Mid Range Octaves

  • M3-M10 Test
  • M3-M6 Test
  • M6-M10 Test

Tuning the Bass into the Midrange

  • M3-M6 Test
  • Ghost Test

Tuning the Treble into the Midrange

  • M3-M10 Test
  • Perfect 12 Test

Pitch Raise Exercise with Tuning Fork

Lesson 6: "Regulating the Upright Action Part 1"

Removing the Upright Action
Reinstalling the Upright Action
Basic Principles of Regulating the Upright Piano Action
The Magic of After Touch
Regulating the Hammers
Regulating the Jack

Lesson 7: "Regulating the Upright Action Part 2"

Regulating the Keyboard
Regulating the Let Off
Regulating the Back Checks
Regulating the Dampers
Regulating the Bridal Straps
Regulating the Drop/Spinet Action

Lesson 8: "Regulating the Grand Action Part 1"

Removing the Grand Action recap Regulating the Grand action

  • Bedding the Key Frame
  • Squaring and Spacing the Keys
  • Leveling the Keys
  • Adjusting Key Dip
  • Regulating the Hammers
  • Regulating Hammer Height
  • Regulating the Jack
  • Setting Let Off
Lesson 9: "Regulating the Grand Action Part 2"

Regulating Hammer Checking/ Back checks
Regulating the Repetition Lever Spring
Regulating Drop
Regulating the Repetition Lever
After Touch
Regulating the Dampers
Regulating the Pedals
Regulating Strike Line

Lesson 10: "Minor and Major Repairs Part 1"

Dead Sounding Bass Strings
Slipping Tuning Pins
Rusty tuning pins
Damaged Hammer Butt Buckskins
Hammer Shank Repair/Replacement
Bridal Strap Replacement
String Replacement/Repair
Creating a Single Hitch Pin Loop

Lesson 11: "Minor and Major Repairs Part 1"

Rebushing/ Re-Pinning a Flange
Rebushing a Key
Key Button Damage
Key Top Replacement

  • Ivory
  • Molding

Hammer Voicing

  • Shaping
  • Hardening
  • Softening
Lesson 12: "Rare Findings, Special Repairs"

Birdcage Actions
Player Pianos

  • Scroll
  • Digital

Square pianos
Cracked Pinblock Repair/Replacement Overview
Cracked Sound Board Repair
Piano Complaint Chart

Lesson 13: "How to run a Successful Business in the 21st Century Part 1"

Principles for Business Success

  • Customer Service
  • The Golden Rule
  • A Service Guarantee


  • Fixed Pricing
  • Discounts
  • How to Set a Price
  • Payment Methods

Business and Customer Relations Management (CRM)

  • Communications With Customers
    • Confirmation Emails
    • Reminders
    • Follow ups
    • Invoicing
Lesson 14: "How to Run a Successful Business in the 21st Century Part 2"

Financial Accounting

  • Business Bank Accounts
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Records Management
  • Tax Preparation

Marketing- Getting your Customers

  • Electronic Marketing on the Internet
  • Company Website
  • Review Sites and Social Media
  • Other Marketing Ideas
  • Customer Types and How to Market to Them

Other Common Marketing Techniques

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Other Print Material
    • Schools
    • Teachers
    • Churches
    • Retirement Communities
    • Piano Stores
  • Retaining Customers
    • At the Service call
    • Other Possible Services
    • The Golden Rule
    • Follow Up