As you may already know, the Piano Technician Academy was designed to teach people all over the world the art of piano technology.  Over the years we have had a number of piano tuning students ask us how to move pianos to which we have always encouraged them to hire a professional piano mover rather than try to move their piano themselves. This is because piano moving is not as simple as moving a refrigerator or a dinning room table. These are instruments, not pieces of furniture. Because of our background as piano technicians we do not take the art of piano moving lightly.

We designed this course on piano moving as a training program for people who have never moved a piano before as well as seasoned movers. Just like with anything, there are a number of different techniques that will "get the job done".We recognize that you may have seen others move pianos in different ways. In fact you may have moved pianos yourself in different ways. The techniques and methods we teach in this course are simply the way we here at PTA have done things for years. We have worked with a number of different piano moving companies in the past and have come up against almost every type of piano move you can imagine. These techniques are a happy medium between the extremely conservative and extremely liberal ways to move a piano. 


This 4 lesson course is complied of images, videos and exercises designed to teach our students the safest way to move upright and grand pianos. By utilizing our e-learning recourses including having an e-learning specialist on staff, we have built an interactive learning platform designed to help our students gain the maximum retention of the material. The videos in the course are taught by professional piano movers and walk you through every step of the most common piano moving practices. This course does not include instructor interaction via telephone or email and is taught entirely on the learning management system. By the end of the course you should be prepared to do almost any piano move you come across in the field.


The course is broken down into 4 lessons. At the end of each lesson the student is required to take an 4-6 question quiz consisting of multiple choice & true/false questions. Once the student has passed the lesson 4 quiz, they will be granted a certificate of completion and be a Certified Piano Mover (CPM) by the Piano
Technician Academy.


Being an online school the Piano Technician Academy is able to offer year round open enrollment. The course itself is $125 and is self paced allowing students to study when it is convenient for them. PTA does however require that you finish the piano moving course within 3 months of initial enrollment. We recommend spending at least 2-3 hours on each lesson's written material and then about 15-20 hours practicing each lesson's exercises. That being said students should plan to spend about 68-92 hours on the entire course. Most students choose to do one lesson a week but there is no required time frame for each lesson.

$ 99.00

Starting at $91/mo with