About PTA

Our Instructors

Our instructors not only run successful piano tuning businesses themselves but also have had years of experience teaching piano technology to students of all skill levels. We are proud members of the Piano Technicians Guild and have a strong desire to see our trade passed on the “right way”. Our students enjoy constant communication with our instructors via email and phone and have full access to them even after they graduate. Click here to read our staff bios

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide in depth training on piano technology to students all over the world. Over the years we have had students in over 50 countries and have helped people develop a trade that they will keep with them for the rest of their life. PTA was developed to help put people to work doing a job they love to do.

Until now, there has never been an online learning environment for students wanting to learn about piano technology. Our courses uses modern day teaching techniques including pictures, graphics exercises and over 50 high-def videos allowing the student to fully grasp and understand the material. Having an e-learning specialist on staff has allowed us to develop a learning program that rivals those found at most universities. Piano technology is a very difficult trade to teach over the internet or through a correspondence program but using the latest in e-learning technology we are able to walk our students through the material in a way never done before.


The Piano Technician Academy has graduates in over eleven countries and four continents. With an average of 350 students a year we have grown into a world redounded piano tuning training program. Our certified piano technicians (CPTs) are allowed to use our logo on their business cards, websites and marketing material showing that they completed a course in Piano Tuning and Repair at The Piano Technician Academy.


Because we are a completely online school we are able to cut our overhead by not having to pay for printed material and shipping costs. Our students take their quizzes online, which are instantly graded by the system. While most correspondence schools cost hundreds of dollars more and are not online at all, our course is less expensive and covers more material in a modern way.

Piano Technicians Guild

When designing the course we made a point to cover all the required info technicians are tested on when taking the Registered Piano Technician (RPT) exam given by the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG).  We at PTA believe all technicians should join their local chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild to develop a strong, local support system and continue their education as a professional piano technician. For more information on the Piano Technicians Guild and how to join, please check out their website at http://www.ptg.org/

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