Basic Kit- 24 piece

This Basic kit has everything you need to take the Piano Tuning and Repair Course. Although you will not have all the tools we use in the course, this kit does have the basics. This 24 piece kit is perfect for the beginner who wants to start out slow and add to his/her tool collection in the future.

  • Tuning Hammer (Hammer Tip #2 Installed)
  • Tool Kit/Bag
  • Combination Tool Handle
  • (4) Rubber Mutes
  • 3/8 inch Key Dip Block (not pictured)
  • John Walker Tuning Fork (C)
  • John Walker Tuning Fork (A)
  • Key Easing Pliers
  • (2) Temperament Strips
  • Upright Back Check Bender
  • Capstan Wrench/ String Spacer
  • Offset Key Spacer
  • Back Check Spacer
  • Key Spacer/ Capstain Wrench
  • 6 Inch Metal Rule w/ Pocket Clip
  • Nylon Mute w/ Handle
  • Small Drop Screw Regulator
  • Big Drop Screw Regulator
  • Screwdriver (Philips)
  • Punching Kit (Seen in Separate Picture)

$ 195.00 $ 215.00