Choosing Online Piano Tuning School

There are many choices when looking for a piano tuning school. Unfortunately there are not too many piano tuning schools that offer online classes. In fact there were none until a year ago! The Piano Technician Academy is currently the only completely online piano tuning school in the country. As far as we know, we are the only online piano tuning school in the world as well!

How do you Learn Piano Tuning?

Choosing what piano tuning school you are going to attend is not an easy task. First you need to know how you work best. Since most piano tuning schools are correspondence, you need to figure out whether you would rather learn from a work book or an online class room. At The Piano Technician Academy we use a unique online learning environment that allows you to go through each lesson as a slide show, a online webpage reading or print it out as a PDF. This gives our piano tuning students freedom to study in any way they like.

How Much Does Piano Tuning School Cost?

Most piano tuning and repair schools coast around $1,200-$2,200 depending on how detailed the course is and what tools are provided. There are also some very cheap courses out there that don’t provide you any tools and will just send you a photocopied manual on piano tuning (not a good way to learn…).  At The Piano Technician Academy we price our course at $500 and another $250 for the tools and shipping within the U.S. This price point allows us to provide our piano tuning students with ample amount of training as well as all the tools necessary to start their new piano tuning business.  If you already have piano tuning tools or you plan on buying them somewhere else, please let us know before purchasing the course and we will provide you with a $500 invoice rather than a $750 one. For more info on how to pay for piano tuning school click here.

What do You Get When You Graduate Piano Tuning School?

Most piano tuning schools offer some sort of diploma or certificate after graduating. This is very important when starting your business. You want your piano tuning clients to know that you are educated and that you have passed some sort of certification exam. All students who receive a 80% or higher on their final exam at The Piano Technician Academy become Certified Piano Technicians (CPT) and receive a copy of their certificate for authentication.

More Info on Piano Tuning School

For more information on piano tuning school or online piano tuning school, please check out The Piano Technician Academy.  Or contact me at  or 480-779-8782.

Michael Stilwell
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