How to Tune a Piano

Learning how to tune a piano can be a very fun experience if you learn how to tune a piano the right way. Like everything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to tune a piano. The wrong way involves taking your piano apart yourself and using some sort of socket wrench to turn the tuning pins. This is not the write way to tune a piano by any means. You may not believe this but most piano tuners attend some sort of piano tuning school before starting their piano tuning business. You also may bot believe how cheap piano tuning school can cost!

Learning the “Right Way” to Tune a Piano

Here at The Piano Technician Academy we pride ourselves on teaching our students the “right way” to tune a piano. Our 10 lesson piano tuning course teaches how to tune a piano , how to repair a piano and how to start your own piano tuning business. With most of our students graduating within a few months, our course allows you to build a profitable business as quickly as you want.

To learn how to tune a piano, you must have a piano readily available. You must also have the tools necessarily to tune a piano. These tools include a tuning hammer, a temperament strip, a tuning fork and a few rubber mutes. All of these items (and much more) come with our online piano tuning course at The Piano Technician Academy. You may also buy these items on Amazon of ebay in a “piano tuning starting kit”.

Online Piano Tuning Course

Learning how to tune a piano involves hands on education, text book studying and online quizzes. Our online piano tuning course was designed by seasoned Certified Piano Technicians (CPTs) to be the first and only online piano tuning course in the country. Not only do we have students in America but in other parts of the world as well.

Becoming a Certified Piano Technician has never been this easy! Now you can take all your classes online in the comfort of your home. Just imagine, soon you will learn how to tune your piano as well as your clients pianos! Most piano tuners charge anywhere from $100 a tuning to $150 a tuning and tune about 5 pianos a day. That comes out to an average of $3,125 a week (5 day work week)! Since our online piano tuning course only costs $750, that means you can pay off your tuition within the first week of owning your own piano tuning business!

For more information on how to tune pianos or how to become a certified piano technician (CPT), please click on the link below.

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