I figured its about time to tell you why I personally went to piano tuning school. I am a second generation piano tuner and the owner of a mid sized used piano shop in Arizona. I attended piano tuning school when I was 20 years old in hopes of starting my own piano tuning business. My grandfather was a piano tuner for his entire life and since he was winding down in a nursing home, I decided to pick up the family business and learn to tune pianos. 

Piano Tuning School

I cant tell you what school I went to for legal reasons but I will say they are one of the most popular correspondence based piano tuning schools in the country. It took me just a few months to finish the piano tuning course and begin practicing my new piano tuning trade on my friend’s and family’s pianos. This was a very exciting time in my piano tuning career and I spent most of my days tuning pianos and dreaming about what I wanted to do in the fascinating piano tuning industry.

Making Money as a Piano Tuner

After a while I was charging my clients an average of $125 a piano tuning and tuning about 3 pianos a day. It was still taking me about 3 hours to tune a piano but I enjoyed the work so I did not mind. I am now down to about an hour and 45 minutes and can tune about 5 pianos a day (as long as they are not in multiple cities). Up until taking the position at The Piano Technician Academy, I was working 5 to 6 days a week. This provided me and my family with a great income and a flexible schedule.

Happy With My Decision to Go To Piano Tuning School

I cannot tell you how great it feels to know that I learned the “right way” to tune a piano. It has been such a blessing to know that I was properly trained for my career and that although being a piano tuner is not always predictable, it is manageable (and fun!). My business has grown from a piano tuning and repair service into a used piano store and a position at The Piano Technician Academy. I have personally contributed to the lessons and learning materials at our piano tuning school and I can honestly tell you, you wont be unhappy with the material or the quality of the piano tuning course we offer.

For more information on piano tuning school or how to enroll, please feel free to contact me at any time. My Email is Michael@PianoTechnicianAcademy.com and my office phone number is 480-779-8782

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