Why Become a Piano Tuner?

Nearly every day we get emails or phone calls from piano teachers and music majors who are looking for a way to make some extra money in the industry that they love. They have always viewed Piano Tuners as a strange breed who, for some reason, could seemingly get away with coming whenever they wanted and charging what seemed to be high prices. Because there are so few piano tuners, the teachers and piano lovers have just had to deal with these tuners and their busy schedules.

I was talking to a Music Major in Canada the other day who told me his reason for signing up for our piano tuning course. He said there are so few piano tuners in his area that the local piano tuners simply don’t have time to service all the pianos. One piano tuner in particular told him that if he took a piano tuning course, he would help him get started. This piano tuning student is walking into a full time job making around $90 an hour after completing the piano tuning course!

While not all our students are lucky enough to be handed a full time schedule like this student, more and more students are realizing the potential of becoming a piano tuner in an industry where most of the older piano tuners are retiring. Their business is simply up for grabs and at around $60-$90 an hour, you can find a better trade in the music industry!

Taking a Piano Tuning Course

We are also getting a few calls from piano technicians that have never taken a piano tuning course and are not certified piano technicians. The one I talked to last week said that he is taking our piano tuning course because he has found that most of his potential customers ask him if he is “certified” to work on their piano. While he has had many years of experience, the answer is unfortunately “no”. Since he has never taken a piano tuning course he is technically not certified. He is now taking our piano tuning course as fast as he can and will soon be able to advertise as a Certified Piano Technician (CPT) with the Piano Technician Academy graduate seal on his business cards and website. This, he feels, will help him get access to the more prestigious clients such as concert halls, resorts and professional musicians.

Most students would like to graduate the piano tuning course as quickly as possible but we often encourage you to take your time in our course. Learning how to tune a piano is not easy over the internet. In fact  it takes a certain determination and drive to succeed in our online piano tuning course. To truly learn the art of piano tuning and repair, you must practice every day and run through each piano tuning exercise at least 10 times before moving on. Because our professors are not actually in a classroom with you, it is entirely up to you to ask for help when you don’t understand something.

If you have any questions about our piano tuning course or how to become a piano tuner, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are always here to help and enjoy answering your questions.

Thanks for reading!