The Online Piano Tuner

As a piano tuner and a professor at The Piano Technician Academy, I get asked “is it really possible to learn how to tune a piano in an online piano tuning training course?” about once a week.  To this I say “thats up to you”. Taking a training course in anything online leaves the student as the one solely responsible for learning the material. There is nothing a professor can do over email or the phone that will get the student to learn how to do a task if the student has “checked out”.

One of our Customers being Trained to Tune a Piano

Piano Tuning Training

Because our piano tuning training is completely online, we use exercises and student-professor interaction as a way to teach our students how to tune a piano. We recommend that each exercise (there are about 5 for each lesson) be practiced at least 10 times before moving on. If the student does not understand or is having trouble preforming the exercise, it is up to the student to contact his or her professor via email for assistance. Our piano tuning training course is designed to gradually walk our students through how to tune a piano and how to repair a piano in steps.

Another question I get is “do I need to get and apprenticeship after the piano tuning training course?”. My answer to this is “if you can, by all means do it!”.  While it is not easy to find a piano tuner who will take on an apprentice  some of our students have pulled it off. Learning how to tune a piano and how to repair a piano in person will be extremely helpful and after taking our piano tuning training course, you will be all ready to work side by side with other piano tuners. Piano tuning is a very precise job and if you can get in person help along the way, it makes it a lot more easy.

Piano tuning training is definitely needed before an apprenticeship can be effective. Piano tuners will expect you to know a certain amount of piano basics before they will get any use out of you and since the industry is so underpopulated by tuners, most piano tuners are extremely busy trying to service all their clients.

Thank you for reading our post about piano tuning training. I hope I have conveyed that online piano tuning training takes dedication from the student and that getting an apprenticeship in the piano tuning industry will almost always require some sort of prior piano tuning training or piano tuning certification.

As always “stay tuned”!