Are You Struggling With
Some Of These Issues?
You can't stop thinking, "Is the phone going to ring tomorrow, will I get new customers?"
You are fearful about harming or even destroy a piano, negatively altering it in a permanent way.
You constantly second guess yourself thinking, "Will I get called back by an unhappy customers?"

The PTA Signature Business Course was designed out of a need we saw in our industry. This course is designed to walk the every day piano technician through the process of building a business that provides an abundant career in the piano industry. Our instructors have built Artisan Piano Services into the largest piano service business in the Pacific Northwest and we want to show you how we did it! Throughout the course you will learn the secrets that helped Artisan build a customer list of over 18,000 people, grow to multiple locations, and employ a team of technicians working in 4 different markets.

Tuition and Time frame:

The Tuition for the PTA Signature Business Course is currently being discounted from $1500 to just $1250! All students will have access to the course material for 12 months starting the minute they enroll. In addition to all the videos, students will receive downloadable worksheets and downloadable MP4s for future review (videos are not downloadable but all audio is).

The course is broken down into 5 stages, outlined below, with each stage consisting of about an hour and a half of video content alone. In addition to watching the videos, students are encouraged to put the techniques in practice with their own businesses. Some of these tasks will take time such as building a website, registering your address with search engines, and postal agencies, etc. For this reason, we are suggesting a time frame of about 50-100 hours to complete the course.

This course is broken into these 5 stages of growth
Step 1 - Vision
Look at ways to identify your strengths & weaknesses.
Step 2 - Foundation
Setup your business & the framework for growth.
Step 3 - Attraction
Learn how to market your business to get a flood of new prospects.
Step 4 - Conversion
Learn how to convert your prospects into paying customers.
Step 5 - Retention
Learn how to get your customers coming back to you over & over again!
Are you ready to take your
business to the next level?

Enroll Now
Here are the benefits of
taking this course
You are working with higher end customers that have nicer pianos that are a dream to work with and you enjoy helping these people..
Your schedule is booked 2 weeks to a month out in advance, which gives you more peace of mind that your business has stability..
You are providing 4 piano tunings per day at $150 to $200 dollars per piano with a driving route that is more efficient.
How are you going to
achieve success?
By having a roadmap so that you always know what to do next.
By having easy to follow trainings to help in all areas of building your business.
Done For You Templates to plug right into your business.
The tools to attract and retain the RIGHT type of customer that will come back to you again and again.
By having scripts and tools to learn how to engage customers in their homes in a professional and respectful manner.
By being part of a supportive Facebook group filled with other business owners that get you.
Our Promise To You
"We help piano technicians with starting and growing your business by guiding you through a step-by-step blueprint so that you can experience the joy of succeeding in business."
Here's what you'll get:
65 training videos.
Downloadable audio.
A workbook to accompany the course
Learn the trade secrets of America's biggest piano servicing company.
A step-by-step blueprint to building a successful business.
This course will help you grow your business into one of the largest piano servicing businesses in your area.