HELLO! My Name is Michael

As a piano store owner and a third generation piano technician, I know a lot about buying pianos & I want to share it all with you! The best part is, its FREE!

I've got a lot to show you!

I am a horrible writer so I made you over 40 videos! In these videos I will go over all of the industry secrets and best practices. We will cover everything from how to negotiate with a commission sales staff to what to look for when shopping on the private market. And best of all... Its free while we work out all the bugs!

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Piano Shopping Can Be: Confusing, Frustrating, Stressful, Risky, Scary
Let PTA Help with our Online Piano Shopping Course!
We Cover:
Shopping at
a Store
  • How interest free financing really works.
  • Trade up/buy back policies.
  • How to negotiate and
    best time to buy.
  • How to avoid buying a "lemon".
  • How to inspect the piano.
  • Where to look and how to negotiate.
General Piano
  • How is a piano moved?
  • How bad is a cracked Soundboard?
  • Do some brands go up in value?
And So Much More!
We Cover In The Course?
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A Little About Your Instructor
Michael Stilwell CPT
I am a 3rd generation piano technician, the owner of the largest used piano store in the southwest (Stilwell Pianos) and a Student Coordinator at PTA. I live half the time in Mesa AZ and half the time in Pine AZ (mountains) with my lovely wife Laurie (pictured here) and my 4 adorable children. I am passionate about music and love doing my part to help others find the instrument that will inspire them to create! My favorite show is The Office, I dress up once a year (if that) and my favorite food is BBQ!
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