Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson, Learning Management System Administrator

Providing individuals a personalized and targeted education, steeped in a technology-rich implementation of content, has been my passion since I started in the field in 2007.  Upon completing my degree I was immediately hired by a private school outside of Seattle, Washington. It was a strange time in the profession as teachers recognized the necessity to synthesize their instruction with digital tools but were hesitant to do so. The result was an ever-widening gap where digital natives had difficulty connecting to digital immigrants on the grounds of learning. This was precisely the gap I aimed to fill.

Since my first years in the field, I sought to unify quality curriculum with the tools that effectively reached learners in a personal fashion. This goal has directed me to publishing professional development on learning management systems, pioneering 1-to-1 initiatives at various schools, and procuring a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on technology. I currently work for a system of hospitals based in Phoenix, Arizona as an eLearning Developer, Training Specialist, and LMS Administrator.

I have had the privilege to work alongside Michael and the Piano Technicians Academy for the last two years. Together we have shaped the curriculum into something that will truly engage learners.