The instructors at Piano Technician Academy are seasoned professionals, dedicated to sharing their extensive expertise in piano tuning and repair with students globally.

Adam Hayes, RPT

Adam, a Registered Piano Technician, began his career apprenticing at Artisan Piano Services and quickly advanced due to his background in classical piano and education. Currently a head technician at a major retailer and an instructor at Piano Technician Academy, Adam is dedicated to mentoring students and ensuring their success in the field of piano technology.

Timothy Barnes, RPT

Timothy Barnes, RPT, holds a BSBA in Economics and brings over 20 years of diverse experience in the piano service industry, including roles as a CAUT and concert technician. Co-founder of Gazelle, a business management software for piano technicians, he lives in Charlotte with his family and enjoys cycling and storytelling.

Jason Cassel, RPT

Jason Cassel, RPT, serves at Brigham Young University's School of Music and holds an MA in Piano Technology from Florida State University. With extensive experience, including senior technician roles at the Aspen Music Festival and training from top manufacturers, Jason is also a prolific author and respected educator in the field of piano technology.

Lloyd W. (Chip) Meyer

Lloyd W. Meyer III, known as Chip, is the general manager of Renner USA, a premier supplier of German-made piano components throughout the Americas. Chip joined the family business, which was established by his father to enhance the American presence of the Louis Renner brand. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Arizona State University, where he graduated cum laude. After a notable tenure at Grainger, where he advanced from a local to a senior national account manager, Chip returned to lead Renner USA, continuing its tradition of excellence.

Michael Stilwell, CPT

Michael began his career in the piano industry at age 20 through a piano tuning correspondence course and quickly became involved in his family business, Stilwell Pianos, which has evolved from a service business into a full-service piano store and rebuilding shop in Mesa, Arizona. A key contributor to the Piano Technician Academy (PTA) course on Piano Tuning & Repair, Michael appears frequently in the course materials and is actively engaged in student enrollment, marketing, and building relationships with piano professionals globally. He thrives in his role, passionately bringing the art of piano technology to students worldwide.