David Hayes

CPT - Piano Technician Instructor 

David began his career in the piano industry over 18 years ago.  He walked into his local piano shop hoping to just sweep the floors and clean pianos.  He spent the next 4 years as an apprentice falling in love with the world of piano technology and restoration.  In 2005 David and his wife Kathy started the piano servicing company that is known today as Artisan Piano Services.  What started out as a very humble business run on their dining room table, has become one of the largest piano servicing companies in the entire country.  With locations in both Oregon and Washington, Artisan Piano Services employees a team of technicians, rebuilders, refinishers.  This team services thousands and thousands of local pianos as well as restore pianos for customers all over the world.

David has always had a passion for working with and training technicians and his goal is to help see the future of music and pianos thrive by helping to bring up the next generation of pianos technicians.