Can You Learn To Tune Pianos Online? April 3, 2023 15:57

Can You Learn To Tune Pianos Online?

With the invention of the internet, countless people have turned to the world wide web to acquire new skills and knowledge. One thing people never thought would be taught online is Piano Tuning and Repair. This article will explore the feasibility of learning piano tuning online and provide insights into some common questions regarding the subject.

Learning Piano Tuning Online

I am here to tell you it is possible to teach yourself piano tuning through various online resources, such as websites, video tutorials, and online courses. No piecing all of this together and actually walking away with the skills/knowledge it takes to tune a piano is difficult to say the least. This is why most people choose to study the art with an institution just as the Piano Technician Academy. The time it takes to learn this skill varies, but it typically ranges from a few months to a year or more, depending on your dedication, prior experience with musical instruments, and how well you stay in touch with your instructor.

Piano tuning can be challenging, especially for those without a musical background but if you are the type of person who likes to solve problems, work with your hands and enjoy the fruit of your labor, it could be a perfect fit for you. It requires a decent ear, attention to detail, and patience. However, with dedication and the right resources, most people can learn this skill fairly quickly. The average person can learn to tune a piano with proper training and practice, within a year.

Becoming a Piano Tuner

Becoming a piano tuner in the USA starts with learning the skill through online/correspondence resources or attending an in person piano tuning school. After gaining confidence in your abilities, you can seek an apprenticeship or work with an experienced tuner for hands-on experience or do what most people do, and start your business. Pursuing certification through organizations like the Piano Technicians Guild or the Piano Technicians Academy is also a great way to enhance your credibility.

Costs and Earnings

The cost of tuning a piano ranges from $125 to $250, depending on factors like the tuner's experience, the piano's condition, and the region. On average, a piano tuner can tune 3-6 pianos per day, and their income varies based on factors like location, demand, and experience. Most tuners these days will schedule all their customers in a certain area the same day to maximize tuning time. This usually allows them to tune about 4-5 pianos a day with an average tuning fee of $150. This comes out to about $750 a day, $3750 a week, $15,000 a month and $180,000 a year before business expenses such as marketing, gas, maintenance, tools, etc.

Tuning a Piano: Importance and Consequences

Tuning a piano is essential to maintain its quality but not always for the reasons people think… Having your piano tuned regularly insures that a qualified technician will have his/her eyes on the piano incase something starts to go wrong. It is way better to fix a problem when it first happens then to let it fester for years on end.  

Piano tuners don't necessarily need perfect pitch, but having a good ear is crucial. While there is a historical association between piano tuning and blind individuals, not all piano tuners are blind. In fact, I have only met a handful and I go to most of the PTG events!  Modern technology and increased accessibility have made it possible for both sighted and visually impaired individuals to learn and excel in piano tuning.


In conclusion, learning piano tuning online is possible with the right resources and dedication. While it may be challenging, the average person can acquire the skills needed to become a piano tuner. Regular tuning is essential for maintaining a piano's quality and preventing damage, making this skill invaluable for piano owners and enthusiasts alike.