New Piano Tuning Film Studio June 17, 2017 13:57

Hey everybody! We at PTA just wanted to update you on everything happening here and what is in the pipeline for 2017. As many of you know, we moved to a new location about 2 years ago and we FINALLY just finished building a state of the art film studio to film our piano tuning and repair videos. The space turned out great and the plan is to start filming some videos for the piano tuning and repair course as well as two other courses we have cooking this summer. 

Also, we have hired on another piano technician who will be helping develop a course on concert piano prep. This tech has a very impressive resume and has a lot of knowledge to share. We will be announcing all of this in future blog posts. 

Again we are hoping to launch two new courses in 2017. As mentioned above, one will be on piano concert prep and the other will be on polyester/finish repair. These are great classes for piano tuners who are already working built would like to expand their list of services or brush up on skills they have had for years. We will be sending you all emails as well as writing a blog and posting on facebook when these courses are available (hopefully around November 2017)! 

Thanks for reading guys! As always, please contact us if you have any questions about our piano tuning course or anything else!