We at the Piano Technician Academy believe that the best way to learn this craft is by finding a trusted mentor to help guide you. We’ve always encouraged our students to find mentors locally to help continue their education, refine their skills, and grow. We believe that having a mentor is absolutely essential to excelling. Unfortunately, finding qualified mentors has become harder and harder to do and for many there simply are no options. We’ve seen this need grow within the industry over the years and have been working on creating an avenue to help those in need of mentorship. Well, after years of work we are proud to introduce our new mentoring platform - PTA Connect. PTA Connect is a resource specifically designed to give people quality, ongoing education and coaching from mentors they can trust…


PTA Connect is a monthly membership where you receive weekly live training events, topical videos, informative articles, special affiliate discounts, and a supportive community of mentors and coaches.
PTA graduates will also receive indefinite full access to their previously purchased courses and materials!!!

What do I get??
All members receive access to the PTA connect membership page where they can navigate through various educational areas. These include:
Live Trainings Weekly Live virtual workshops and Classes. In these classes you will receive training on everything from tuning, repairs, regulation, and voicing to running a business. Bring your questions and get them answered live and in real time!
PTA Snacks (Short helpful videos). These short videos will consist of everything from tips and tricks to tool unveils and just about everything else in between. More videos are created daily and we are always taking requests for what videos you’d like to see!
Resources (Special partner offerings, articles, and helpful printable materials). We’ve compiled a list of our favorite articles, training materials, and various helpful materials that will be available here. We also have special discount pricing on products, tools, and services from our network of partners and affiliates.
Indefinite access to prior completed courses and their material – Yes you heard us correct! As a member, you will regain access to your previously PTA purchased course as well as access to new updated courses!
David is one of the owners and instructors of PTA as well as the founder of the award-winning piano servicing company, Artisan Piano Services. With nearly 25 years’ experience servicing pianos, training technicians, and running a multi- location servicing piano company David has become a sought-after coach to piano technicians. He is beyond thrilled to be able to coach on a worldwide level through PTA Connect and help technicians understand the world of piano servicing.
Michael got into the piano industry when he was 20 years old. He took a piano tuning correspondence course via snail mail and soon got into the family business that is Stilwell Pianos. Stilwell Pianos has grown from a 3rd generation piano service business into a full service piano shop located in Mesa Arizona. Michael spends his days helping PTA students enroll in the course and meeting with various piano stores, technicians and rebuilding shops. He is also in charge of the marketing and student relations. He absolutely loves his job and truly enjoys helping bring the art of piano technology to PTA's students all over the world.
Adam Hyes RPT is one of the instructors of PTA as well as the head technician for the Portland division of nationally awarded piano retailer Classic Pianos INC. As an established RPT (Registered Piano Technician) he is in charge of all high-end piano prep as well as concert regulation and voicing. Adam has gained a name for himself within the Northwest due to the high-level concert work he performs on pianos that are sent all over the world. He also spends much of his time providing ongoing training for PTA students as well as technicians within the local market.
Stacey has worked with some of the top piano retailers and servicing companies in the nation. Her role has been in directing operations where she helps develop systems, marketing programs, and various operations to help these businesses grow. She has also been mentoring and assisting piano technicians and artisans in their personal piano businesses for over a decade. She has a deep passion for all things piano from the pianos, the piano teachers in the community, and the families who own and play the piano, and she especially loves working with piano technicians and helping them succeed. She is beyond excited to help empower the technicians in PTA Connect!
Matt Brown RPT is a second-generation piano technician who focuses on complete piano restoration & Rebuilding. Specializing in complete belly and action restoration, Matt’s shop is always busy with heirloom pianos from all over the country. Matt is an incredible field technician as well and is in incredibly high demand within the rebuilding side of our industry. Matt loves helping mentor and teach other technicians the trade helps PTA Connect members by creating PTA Snacks, Lives and articles.
Great - How do I sign up?
We’ve made joining easy! Simply click the link below to enroll and start your first month free. After the first month you will be set up on monthly membership fee of $95. There are no contracts so you can cancel your membership at any time.
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