Lucas Hathcock

Lucas Hathcock, RPT

I took a position at the Piano Technician Academy in the first part of 2014 when the course was being rebuilt to contain videos and more information about regulating and aural tuning. I helped create much of the new material and I am in most of the videos on tuning and regulation. I learned the art of piano technology by taking a year long course at Glendale Community College that was taught by a two RPTs from the Arizona Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild. I then went on to work at three different piano stores as well as a piano rebuilding shop for a number of years. I now run my own piano tuning and repair business in the Phoenix area and enjoy an very full schedule. I have taught numerous classes for the Piano Technicians Guild and I have been a member of the Guild for 10 years and an RPT, or Registered Piano Technician, for 7 years. I have been lucky enough to be able to study with Jim Coleman Sr., who helped me pass my RPT exams aurally, without the help of a machine.  I still tune by ear but use the Reyburn Cyber Tuner as a tool to check my tunings.

I am extremely grateful to be working in a field that I love. Over the years I’ve met many excellent technicians and consider myself lucky to have learned from some of the best. In the future I look forward to advancing myself further by attending classes, seminars and conventions. I am very passionate about the instrument and absolutely love sharing what I have learned with our students. I currently live in Tempe Arizona and enjoy spending time fishing and restoring old American pianos.